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Trusting the Process

July 28, 2015
letting go

Like many of you , I have looked over many sites looking for information on how to either self publish or  gain the interest of a publisher. I really thought by now I would have had it figured out.  My goal was to have a completed project in hand by the end of my  summer vacation. I truly believed it was a reachable goal. But how could I have met this goal with an indecisive mindset? It’s truly frustrating. In order to keep moving forward, I had to think about what was holding me back.

When I begin writing my picture book, I visualized each page, it’s drawings, the medium, and whatever else a finely illustrated book would entail . I knew exactly how I wanted the characters to look, what they would be doing, and even their facial expressions.  In my head, the cover was breathtaking.  I had written the story and I wanted ownership over everything. I didn’t believe that another person would understand my characters, their stories, or my vision.

Reality check.

Am I an illustrator?  No.

Can I draw?  Preschoolers seem to think so. Flowers, stick people, shapes, and smiley faces. All very basic, of course.

Paint?   I’m proud of the fact that I’m pretty good with a box of crayons and a coloring book.

I’ve concluded that I’m gonna have to let go. I’ve read that many authors struggle with letting go.  What are my choice so far? Either seek a publisher and not have any comments in the illustrations or self publish and drive some poor illustrator (probably a friend) mad.  I have to trust that the illustrator knows and sees more than I ever will. That’s their gift, not mine.  So my next step is to write the queries that are in need of writing and send the manuscript.  I’ll sit back and trust the process.

2012 Family Picture

Drew a picture of my family for the preschoolers.